Looking for inspiration and ideas for your garage conversion project? I’m guessing that like many of our customers, you’ve finally realised that the things in your garage are just junk you can do without. Congratulations, you are about to complete one of the best home improvement and renovation projects you can make.

Garage Conversions are a cost-effective way to increase your living space while adding value and versatility to your home. Let’s jump in and discover the amazing possibilities of what your garage can be transformed into. If you already know what type of conversion you want read this post for my top garage conversion interior design ideas and features.

Home Office Conversion

Converting a garage into a home office is a smart investment for any homeowner that wants to produce their best work. Having a dedicated workspace away from the distractions of daily life will change your working day. Your days will start differently as you sip your coffee in your new office, closing the door on the rest of the house as you get serious about the working day ahead.

With the rise of remote work, having a functional and comfortable workspace at home has become increasingly important. A garage conversion offers the flexibility to customize the space to meet your specific needs and style preferences. Additionally, converting a garage can be more cost-effective than building an extension or converting the loft space.  

home office section of garage conversion

Playroom Conversion

The best thing about having a dedicated playroom is obviously how happy it will make the little cherubs, their own space to discover, create and generally make a mess. A mess that now that disappears with the closing of a door. The second-best thing is reclaiming the rest of your home, a lounge that is tidy and inviting just like the show home you originally fell in love with. Imagine a dining table that isn’t covered in paint splashes and Lego. A table you can sit and eat at without the risky operation of repositioning the latest playdough masterpiece.

The children’s bedrooms will also see an improvement in functionality as the toys from the wardrobe move down to an accessible height in the new playroom, freeing up value space for clothes. And the best news, these are some of the cheapest conversions to complete as they don’t involve much in the way of pluming or electrical works.

Playroom Garage Conversion

Games Room Conversion

Like the playroom mentioned above these conversions please the kids while also allowing other rooms to function and look as they were originally intended. Aimed more at the bigger kids these conversions will normally include a media wall with space for a games console, large TV and sofa. With this media set up plus a little interior design work, you can create a cool room that can make the moodiest teenager crack a smile*.

A big change you will notice is how much more you see of the kids as they spend more time downstairs instead of in bedrooms. So, if you’re tired of having half the football team march up your stairs with their shoes on a games room conversion could be for you.

(*Smiling from teenagers does not part of our guarantee)

Extra Bedroom Conversion

As most estate agents will tell you adding bedrooms is a sure-fire way to increase the value of your home. Although most people are already aware of the need of an extra bedroom if you are reading this article with the sole purpose of boosting the property value as part of a house renovation project then its hard to look past a garage bedroom conversion.

Garage to bedroom conversions can be some of the cheapest and more expensive conversions depending on whether you include an en-suite or not. Even a single garage can easily accommodate a good size room with en-suite facilities which are ideal for older relatives on a permanent of temporary basis.

Gym Conversion

No waiting in traffic, no ques for machines and no monthly direct debit, a home gym could be the key to your health and fitness goals. You will be able to train for longer, at short notice and in complete privacy any time you want. Once reserved for elite athletes the home gym is now a touch of luxury that people serious about getting and staying healthy have embraced. Along with home office conversions the gym conversion is the most popular type of garage conversion.

Garage to Gym conversions can also be done on a budget, insulation levels can be reduced, and industrial look finished surfaces can create a great workout environment while also being friendly on the wallet.  So what are you waiting for, as my favourite sportswear brand says JUST DO IT.

Detached Garage Conversion to Gym and Home Office

Cinema Room Conversion

Like the games room mentioned above the key component is the media set up. Rows of Lazy Boy sofas and a fixed screen really does give the wow factor the second anyone enters the room. However, with a retractable screen and clever seating positioning the room can also be multifunctional. If you’re a movie buff you will be please to know you don’t need to be Ritchie Rich to afford this conversion. The build itself is straightforward with no drainage and minimal plumbing (just a radiator) needed. Home AV equipment is also surprisingly affordable with 106 inch screens now under £250.

Kitchen Conversion

A single integral garage makes an excellent U-shaped kitchen with a new window and centrally placed sink looking out over the front of the property. This type of conversion also frees up space in the back of the home allowing for an open plan dining and entertaining area. Often the original kitchens plumbing will come in useful for a downstairs toilet or utility room.

Kitchen conversions are normally larger projects and as discussed can include other changes to the home. I recommend that your first step is to speak to a designer, discuss you needs with them and get their ideas along with floorplan drawings. Drawings really help you understand how the home will flow and if the space is big enough to meet your needs. They also communicate your ideas to the build team and can be used to get more accurate and comparable quotes from builders.

Partial Conversion

Part conversions are one of our most popular jobs and can add so much versatility to your home. Retaining the garage door with some storage space is practical and cost effective because it avoids expensive work such as foundations, brick work and window. So, if you are thinking about splitting your garage this is what you could do with the other half of the space.

Part Garage Part Utility Room

Arguably one of the best improvements you can make to your home. Utility rooms are the unsung hero, allowing the rest of the home to look presentable whilst increasing the functionality overall. Simply moving the washer and other white goods out of the kitchen allows for a more pleasant kitchen with additional storage. Plus, you now have a room that can be a bit of a mess and just close off until the time is right.   

Part Garage Part Office

We have already discussed the benefits of a home office above, but do you really need 12-13 m2 of space? Most people can manage in half that floor area, making part garage part office conversions an ideal solution.

There are however some tricky details to manage with this type of conversion such as amount of natural light and fire escape routes. An office at the back of your garage space behind a new stud dividing wall can easily become a dark uninviting space which could also be a fire hazard. Use a professional designer to ensure your conversion meets the building and safety regulations as well as offering a comfortable and pleasant space to work from. If your garage has a gable end an additional window could solve these problems.

Part Office and Part Utility Garage Conversions

Yes, that’s right, you can have two of the best value for money and value adding rooms for the price of one. Even a single garage can provide enough room for a home office and utility room big enough to house a washer dryer and additional freezer.

Yes of course this option removes the storage space for the lawn mower and bikes but that can be easily rectified with a garden shed. So what are you waiting for, speak to our designer today and get some ideas and floorplans drawn up, you will be amazed at how much this conversion improves your life and home.  

Dining Room

Open plan or closed room you decide, but having a dedicated dining space that can comfortably accommodate your full family puts the magic in meal times. Dining room conversions normally require no plumbing other than a radiator, the electrics work is also minimal with a few sockets and lights being the norm, thus making this conversion friendly on the budget.

A new dining room could also allow the previous dining space to become and extension of the kitchen, perhaps even a desirable kitchen island for more informal dining and gatherings.  

dining room table


Whether its just a downstairs W.C or a fully equipped 4 piece luxury bathroom your garage could be the answer. Also available as a part conversion, downstairs loos really offer convenience and save the stairs carpet from the muddy shoes.

There can be a bit more to think about with these conversions as plumbing, ventilation and waste systems will need to be extended which can involve additional groundworks and resurfacing outside.

Boot Room Conversion.

Like a utility room a boot room can also house the white goods but should also double as an entrance to the home. Perfect for those who have muddy boots and dogs this room provides a space to store and clean the walking wellies and your four-legged friend. For the ultimate in convenience and pampered pooch lifestyle why not add a dog shower. These make cleaning down the most mischievous mud rollers a breeze, protecting the rest of your home from the carnage of muddy shake offs.

A Hallway

Modern home design can often mean hallways are missing from smaller new build homes which rely on a path through the living room to access the kitchen. Garages however remain part of the standard floorplan to satisfy parking requirements (despite being too small for modern cars). This provides the opportunity for those of you who value the more traditional layout to form an alternate route to the back of your home. Take a look at the below drawings produced to modify a Persimmon homes new build, this conversion adds a hallway, utility and small office enhancing the original design and meeting the needs of the owners.

Garage to Hallway Conversion Plans

Hobby Room

Take your pass time or passion to the next level and convert your garage into the ultimate man cave or studio space. These conversions could be done to varying levels and don’t always need building regulations approval. Take care with single skin garages to avoid damp ruining your finished surfaces and if you’re adding a heat source think about insulation and ventilation.

Home Bar/Man Cave

These were the trend during lockdown and continue to be a popular conversion, single garages are too tight for a pool table but a dart board adds a great vibe to the space. With a few shelves and a beer pump you are well on your way to having a nice place to relax with friends and a retreat during the summer BBQ’s. If you are adding a karaoke system, I would advise you also think about soundproofing any party walls.

Car Showroom

This takes the original purpose of car storage and adds a layer of luxury replacing the grey blockwork for a finish that resembles the dealer showroom. For petrol heads that have an affection for a particular brand this can also be included in the design and decoration of the walls and floors.

Adding some insulation, background heating and ventilation can also protect your pride and joy from the weathering process preserving the car and its value.

Golf Simulator

The hobby of a lifetime, golf can be all consuming for some of us. However, the British weather can get in the way, spoiling the experience or rendering your course completely unplayable. Avoid the slop with a home simulator and play 365 days per year 😊. With technology advancements accurate home golf simulators are more affordable than ever and are the main cost associated with this type of conversion which can be completed on a budget.

Art Studio

Embrace your creative side with your own private art studio, or maybe the time has come to get serious about your side hustle and you need a little more production space. Either way your garage could be the ideal solution. As all artists recognise light is an important factor, think about the size and location of the windows. While the obvious and necessary placement will be in the infill wall, could you also add additional windows in the side, or even a Velux window in some cases.  

Gable end of detached garage with floor to ceiling windows

Music Room

A music room can be used for many other purposes with the instruments tidied away but I would advise you to incorporate sound insulation properties into the build if you intend on practising regularly. Not only will this help neighbourly relations, but it can also be an opportunity for you to control and tune the room.  

Granny Flat or Annexe

A detached garage may provide the solution to your multi-generational living needs or provide an extra income from short lets via Air BnB. As this conversion will contain sleeping accommodation it will require building regulation approval and planning permission. While I have seen annexes in a single garage it is not something I would recommend and is more suited to a double or triple garage. If you have a single integral garage this can be transformed into a comfortable bedroom with small en-suite.

While granny flats are the most expensive type of garage conversion, they also tend to add the most in value to your property and therefore can be a great investment.


Hopefully you are now fully inspired and already sketching a layout and picturing your perfect space. Your next step is to research costs and make sure your project is affordable. Our article on how much do garage conversions cost will help provide a ballpark estimate. And If it’s time to turn your garage conversion idea into reality a personal free quote and advice for your project can be arranged here.

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Michael is the Architectural Designer and Surveyor at North East Garage Conversions.
Michael has a HNC in Civil Engineering and a HND in Construction Management. Previous experience includes multiple renovations, a self build plus working as an Architectural Technician, Designer and Project Manager.

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