Garage to Office Conversion - Work from home like a pro

As a professional you know you cant work from the dining room table forever, fix that with a garage office conversion. 

Garage into office conversion benefits

Your days will start differently as you sip your coffee in your new office, closing the door on the rest of the house as you get serious about the working day ahead.  


A dedicated space to work that doesn't have to be packed away each afternoon will enhance your productivity and change how you work from home. 

Additional Value

Of course a garage conversion will add value to your homes price tag, but it also helps your other rooms function as they should. Let your dining table get back to being.. your dining table. 

Tax Deductions

Did you know you can claim expense for the use of your home as an office. 

Detached Garage Conversion to Gym and Home Office

How much does it cost to convert a garage into an Office?

An office conversion is one of the cheapest type of garage conversions. Normally the plumbing and electrical work are straightforward and minimal. Read our price guide to learn more about the costs involved. 

Converted Double Garage

Part Office Conversion

A part garage part office conversion can be the perfect solution to providing a small office while retaining some garage space for the bikes etc. Find more information on our dedicated partial garage conversion page.

Fire regulations are an important part of a partial office conversion and it is critical that you choose a professional conversion company to design and convert the space. 

desk in bay window

Can I turn my garage into an office?

If you're wondering is it legal to convert a garage into an office, then we can help. 

We specialise in renovating garages to living space. Whether it's a double or single garage to office conversion you require, we can advise you about planning permission and building regulations requirements. In most home office cases planning permission wont be required. However, if you are planning on running a business with clients and staff visiting your home we advise that we inform the local authority first.

We can also provide concept layouts, full architectural plans and interior fit out. Basically everything to ensure the process of turning your garage into an office runs as smoothly as possible. 

We make garage conversions easy! 

We give a fixed price to convert your garage from start to finish, one point of contact, all trades included. 

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Here’s our Awesome Team

We have an experienced team of professionals and tradesman plus a network of consultants such as Architects and Structural Engineers on hand if required. 

Brenden Surveyor at NEGC


Martin site manager & surveyor cutting through a garage wall

Site Foreman & Surveyor

Architectural Designer

Architectural Design Consultant


General Tradesman

David & Callum

Expert Electrical Support

Whats Included?

We can complete the full project starting with the initial design and supplying the plans for your garage to office conversion.

  • Design and Plans
  • Demolition and Preparation
  • Brickwork to match
  • New matching window
  • Creation of new access
  • Extension of electrical system & points
  • Extension of heating system & radiator
  • Insulation and plaster boarding
  • Internal joinery to match existing
  • Decoration 
  1. 1
    Plans, drawings, technical specifications and submitting the building regulations application are all included. Please note you will need to pay the local authorities inspection fee directly to the council which is normally around £350 including VAT. 
  2. 2
    We supply all materials taking care to match the new bricks with the existing brickwork of your house. We also match the details of your original build replicating the soldier course details under windows which are often a different contrasting brick to the main brickwork. If you have stone window cills we will liaise with our supplier to have a matching cill produced and delivered to site. 
  3. 3
    Internally we create the new access to the converted space and install a new door. We then insulate the walls and run new services for the extension of the electrical and heating system. Our specialist subcontractors will then connect the electrics and plumbing, once testing is complete we can proceed to plastering your new room. 
  4. 4
    Once plastering is complete we can focus on the finishing details such fitting flooring, matching the skirting boards and internal window cills to the rest of the home. Lastly we provide base decoration with a choice of colours for woodwork.   


Do I need planning permission?

Typically garage conversions do not require planning permission and are covered by permitted development rights. However, there are some instances where planning is required such as in conservation areas and new estates which may have had their permitted development rights removed. Part of our process is to check with the local authority if permission is required and obtain a certificate of lawful development. This certificate can come in useful if you wish to sell your home as it proves without doubt that your garage conversion is compliant. This article on our blog takes a more detailed look at planning permission if you would like to read more. 

what are building regulations?

A minimum set of standards that govern the design and construction of buildings, they are concerned with safety and health of the buildings users and aim to provide a comfortable sage environment. It is worth noting that the standards set by the Building Act are the minimum and higher standards are available and would be encouraged by our team who are happy to talk about upgrading the quality of the materials used. Building regulations for garage conversions are typically concerned with insulation levels and damp proofing. The reason is that the original garage construction was not designed to be habitable and requires insulation to be installed during the build. 

Can we also knock a wall down?

The short answer is yes as anything is possible if the budget is large enough. Altering the layout may require structural work such as the installation of a steel beam. Our surveyor Michael will be able to advise on this and produce a measured survey which the structural engineer will use to specify the size of the beam and produce the calculations for the local building control department approval.  

How much will it cost?

This does depend on the type of garage you have and the type of project as well as the size of the garage. Read our cost article to discover more about average prices. A garage to kitchen conversion including the removal of a structural wall will be considerable more than a garage to dining room conversion or a light garage renovation project without structural works. It is also worth remembering that a well thought out quality conversion will add value to your home. 

Can we retain some of the garage space?

Yes, part conversions are actually one of our most popular requests. For example we can use some of the space to create a W.C or utility room while retaining the front of the garage including the door to access a smaller storage space. 

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